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Have you fallen victim to the perfect, unfailing, guaranteed fitness plan in the past? You know the one, it usually goes something like this…Eat chicken breasts and broccoli every meal, five times a day.  Lift weights for two hours five days a week.  Do one hour of cardio seven days a week.  Okay, so it will work, no doubt, but for how long? Not very I would venture to guess.  Long term fitness success lies in the ability to discover the things you enjoy and avoid those that you do not (no matter how much of a “sure thing” they are!).  Take a look at the following examples and begin to examine your goals, your likes and dislikes, your habits and your constraints.

Do you tend to be introverted? Do you rely on a relatively small social circle to do the things that you enjoy? A wall to wall Zumba class is probably not going to FIT into your fitness profile.  How about working out with a training partner though? Or small group training?

Do you lean toward the opposite end of that social spectrum? Do you feed off of large crowds and the energy of greater opportunity to engage people? Why then would you look to do workouts alone? Alone on the treadmill, alone on the fitness floor…Why not get into a high energy RPM spin or Body Combat class?

Are you a morning person? Fading throughout the day? Don’t try to work out in the afternoon!!! The same goes if you start off slow and find that exercise does not energize you but rather exhausts you further.

Do you only have an hour to work out? Make it work in an hour! How often do you hear that “You have to do at least twenty to thirty minutes of cardio to get anything from it”? Really? So if you stop at eighteen minutes you have gotten no benefit? Try using circuit style workouts to fit everything in.

Can’t stand doing moderate to long duration cardio because you go insane with boredom? Don’t! Try using several short High Intensity bursts of cardio to stay engaged and keep yourself from fading (Viva Tabata!!)

Are you competitive? Driven to win? Set a tangible goal and strive to destroy it…do fifteen more pushups in two weeks than you can today.  Decrease your 5K time on the elliptical by five minutes in the next 3 weeks. Compete with your greatest competition, YOU!

The point here is to evaluate who you are outside of your fitness journey and to make that profile FIT into your approach to fitness.  No matter how great the results of a given approach, if you HATE doing it you won’t! Find a way to make fitness FIT and success will be far less a challenge.

Philip Nohe

Fitness Jedi

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