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3 Reasons to drink the CrossFit KoolAid

Looking at these pictures, I am reminded of why I love CrossFit. I can see the agony and determination on our faces. What’s more difficult to see is the the elation. This was one of the most fun and challenging … Continue reading

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The Top Three Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Maybe you’re one of those people who works out alone most of the time, and that’s fine if it helps you reach your fitness goals. Many people need the focus and quiet that they experience when exercising by themselves. However, … Continue reading

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How A Trainer Will “Kick Your Ass” But Warn You Beforehand

JOHN POWER “I’ve been coming to the gym off and on for the past few years and had used a personal trainer twice during that time. My time working with Ron Zwolak has been “kick ass.” Quite simply, a combination … Continue reading

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Fast Trac (free) hi-intensity group workout led by a personal trainer

It’s called Fast Trac and is a half hour circuit training workout that builds muscle and endurance. For fitness rookies it provides a great workout and an introduction to various forms of resistance training. For people more experienced with fitness … Continue reading

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An Awesome Motivational Story to Inspire Us All

Get motivated with workout buddies! What keeps you from the gym and working out? More than likely, it has something to do with lack of motivation, accountability, and/or the dread of boring workouts. You’re not alone. My thoughts have varied … Continue reading

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Mentally Connect to Your Workouts

Its that time of year, holiday season, when you need to check out and gain some much needed R&R because of all the chaos.  It is also unfortunately the time most people mentally check out. So I ask you…  Are you mentally … Continue reading

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Zumba Challenge

Zumba at Canton This class was heart pounding, exhilarating non-stop fun! I highly recommend this class to anyone, even if it’s your first time ever experiencing a group class. If you have no rhythm or if you are an advanced … Continue reading

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Health Clubs Baltimore

Come check out all the exciting things we have going on this summer here at Merritt Athletic Clubs at Cranbrook! We have summer dance camps that will be starting up; we have numerous programs that will be running such as … Continue reading

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